Wednesday, 18 January 2012

TRUTH: Lirik Yang Memberi Impak

 My Way-Franks Sinatra
Lagu nie aku share ngan korg sbb lagu nie mmpu bwt aku nanges (=.=')
aku mang kememeh r..
try la fhm k..

and now,the end is near
and so i face the final curtain
my friends ill say it clear 
ill state my case
of which im certain
ill lve a life thats fulled
i travel each and every highways
and more,much more than this
i did it my way

regrets,ive had a few
but then again 
too few,to mention
i did,what i had to do
and saw it through 
without exemption
i planned,each charted course
each careful step along the byway
and more,much more than this
i did it my way

yes,there were times,im sure you knew
when i bit off more than i could chew
but through it all,when there was doubt
i ate up,and spit out
i faced it all and i stood tall, and
i did it my way

i`ve love,i`ve laughed and cried
i`ve had my fill,my share of losing
and now,as tears subcide
i find it all so amusing
to think i did all that
and may i say,not in a shyway
oh no,oh no,not me
i did it my way

for what is a man,what has he got
if not himself,than he has naught
to say the things he truly feels
and not the words of one
who kneels
the record show,i took the blows and
i did it my way

yes,it was my way

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